It's Personal

It's the fifth day of my first term holidays, and I'm trying (really hard) to blog everyday.

Well, there aren't many plans for me this holidays, so not much to blog. That's the worst part of being a blogger.
Anyway, Mommy keeps asking me to follow them (including Daddy) to work everyday.
I'm really lazy, and I don't really like going there because the place stinks.
I'm not gonna tell where or what my parents do, it's personal. ;)
Only the closest (and the kpc-iest) friends knows what they do or mainly what Daddy does.
What are you thinking ?
Black ? It might be, HAHAH !

Anyway, when I tell Mommy that, she'll say......
What am I gonna do with you ? You're gonna take over this place in the future.

I'm so gonna spray perfume all over the place one day.

Oh, and even before taking over, I have to study my ass off to get the license. T.T
Why aren't my sister or brother interested in what Daddy does ?!
The pay is not that bad what !
Got house, got wife, got children (Three BEAUTIFUL children some more ! :P)
I'm the last child, so they are putting high hopes on me which I keep telling Daddy not to.

Okay...., I feel lame now, so I should go to bed.
Toodles !

I'll be back hyper tonight yo !
Keep stalking me in Twitter owhs. :P
*chirps chirps
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