Learning Cantonese is DIFFICULT !
Hou loi mou kin ah dai ga ! LOL !
(Translation : It's been long since we've seen each other ! LOL !)

Hahahah, the whole gang is speaking Cantonese (Trying to speak, technically, we suck ! Lol.) thanks to Pinky Tan Jun Inn, lol ! :3

I tried to squeeze in time to blog, but had no time, even on Sundays !
I switched on the PC only once a week. *shakes head LOL

Went to school last Saturday.
Had " gotong- royong " (spring cleaning ?) in school.
Everyone was distributed to different places. I had the Physics lab with Chelsea & Idk who.
And due to my good luck, or whatsoever you call it, the Physics lab was locked and we couldn't enter, wahahahah ! *grins

Dai ga tai, li gor hai bing gor leh geh !
(Translation : Everybody see, who is this !)
*points below
My boo ! ♥
*smacks forehead

She's assigned to clean her own class, she's putting up all the chairs on the table.

Their floor is super clean till all of us slept on the floor while waiting for recess. LOL

Li gor hai Zhong Wai Man di blingified bearbrick.
(Translation : This is Chong Vivian's blingified bearbrick)

Wtf, lol.

I went down to the old hall to find Bibu Bibu.

Bibu Bibu zan hai yao hou dor posi bei ngo pai, hahahah.
(Translation : Bibu Bibu has loads of poses for me to snap, hahahah.)

Our Interact's President ! :D

Gam kah geh yan dou yao, lol.
(Translation : There's even such a fake person, lol.)

Sor mui ! :)

Ngo dou yao zou yeh, hou mm hou. :D
(Translation : I did some work too, okay. :D)

My class has air-cond ! (Which we are not allowed to use anymore, wth.)

Alice, *smooches

Nah, we slept, I've no idea who took this. o.O
Had to pixellate Boo's face or she'll kill me.

Walking to the canteen, lol.

When all of us eat, the last person will have to take this to the sink. (or in our case, buckets, lol.)

Add Maths sir, Mr. Lo Seow Hoe

Bibu Bibu asked to snap her koala with her Revive in it.

Bibu Bibu hai mm hai hou ho ngoi ah ? Ngo dou gok tak, lol !
(Translation : Bibu Bibu's very cute right ? I feel so too, lol !)
Bibu Bibu, ngo ngoi lei. ♥

Maths sir, hehs.

I kept camwhoring that she felt like killing me.
Bibu Bibu : Yorrrr, why you so like to vain onee ?!


Teng yat zong yao you fan hok.
(Translation : I still need to attend school tomorrow)

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2 Responses
  1. Kelvin Says:

    I had a hard time learning Cantonese too:( My parents speak in Cantonese when they don't want me to know wat they are talking about~ And I like the pixelated pic:D

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah! No doubt about it. As for me...20 years of attending daily cantonese class aka watch TVB drama, and yet my cantonese sucks. :p

    Wow! Seems like you guys are having lots of fun painting your classroom huh! :)