First Few Days of 2010
Had two plans for New Year's Eve but, couldn't make it.
Instead, I just went out with TheFamily for supper. ;)
Good way to start my New Year's ay, hee.

#1 Followed Momzy and TheSis to the bank.

#2 Was walking around 11.58 p.m then suddenly fireworks shot up. :D

Went to KL on the first to third of this month.
Super happy, I tell you !
*big smile

#3 One of the first things I bought, *super loves !
Bling bling, me likey !

#4 Went to Pavilion for dinner and, bought this. It's uber yummy !

Third day in KL !
Yup, you did not miss out second day, I didn't take many picts during this trip.
Why ? I brought the dslr's charger instead of pocket cam's and I didn't take my dslr to KL.
*smacks forehead

#5 Fish spa !

#6 My hands have dead cells too !

Oh, they were nibbling on my dead cells right ?
They went overboard.
*points below

#7 They nibbled till this happened, wtf.

#8 Lunch in a Arabian restaurant.

#9 Was walking on the street and a magician asked to join him, lol !

Whenever people go near his stall, he would say, "Hi, I'm John, a magician for ten years but not a pro." LOL
I was telling my sis really softly, " Is he gonna repeat this forever ?"
He overheard and said, " Why, cannot ah ? "
OH ! He said I looked innocent, yay ! :D

#10 This car damn geli, wtf. In our hotel's parking lot for God-knows-how-long.

We had to fetch TheSis back to Inti so, we left KL around four-ish.
Had dinner on the way back to Penang in Tapah.

#11 Pink/ white heels ! ♥

I don't know why but, I'm a sucker for floral prints and really big flowers these few days, yikes !
Momzy said I was being impractical, lol.
Well, am I ?



#14 *winks

Got ready for school, it's the next day.


#16 Cut my nails. :D

#17 Part of the shopping, hehs. ;D

So hectic this year.
Tuition EVERYDAY, except Sunday, luckily.

Score your Trials, babeh ! & KL, here I come ! :3
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  1. Mr Anonymous Says:

    Love the first picture! :)