Gonna be a bride.......
smaid ! LOL.

Yup, a bridesmaid.
Duh, obviously.

Cousin's the bride.
The wedding's in May.

Cousin went to Taiwan jst for her wedding photoshoot, coolio !

There's more, but I just chose a few to upload here.
Oh, her husband looks like Tom Cruise righttt ?!

She's the eldest cousin combined both girls and boys in the family.
The smartest, the prettiest, the..... and the........
You get what I mean, lol !
I still remember that she would scold me if I used short form when we IM-ed last time, yikes.

#1 CNY's reaching ! Wheeeeeeeee ~ Cousins are all coming down to Penang. (Technically coming up 'cause they're from KL, lol.)

#2 Photoshoot with the girls soon. :)

#3 Thailand with relatives on the third & fourth day of CNY to visit my relatives there, hehs.

Everyone's not attending school tomorrow, but I am. ;(
Momzy's not giving me an easy time this year.
I need to attend school to pass Interact's name list to teacher & Alice, collect Guides' log books and return letter to another teacher, FTW.
How is it possible for me not to go to school tomorrow ?!
*bangs wall

Only a few of us, three out of fifteen of us are going.

Gonna finish up some stuff and help Momzy now, bye bye. :D
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