Goodbye Six Inches
What about my title ?
My bangs has been quite a nuisance to my eyes.
*pins up hair

So, I went to my hairstylist for a cut with TheMother, and now, goodbye Six Inches.
Bang wall

If you know me or see me before, you would know how long or short my hair is.

Do / Can you believe this ?

I skipped school today.
Going for Physics tuition later.

Will blog about Ferringhi Garden soon.

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3 Responses
  1. CooolKidz Says:

    Should put a before-cut picture!
    alar, still very the very pretty la okay?

    I ♥


  2. PinkyTanJunInn Says:

    ehh, NICE!! hee:D hair can grow sumore lah. but this hair nice. got re-straighten?

  3. Su-Szien Says:

    Aaron, Don't have la. LOL

    Pinky, Didn't re-straighten la. If that short samo straighten meh ?