Birthday @ Ferringhi Garden

TheWholeBigFamily planned to celebrate Granddad's Eightieth Birthday in Penang.
So, TheRelatives came all the way up North from KL, Perak, Australia and Singapore.

Celebrated @ Ferringhi Garden.
The place was a total bomb.

Environment was great, and the food was good.
*two thumbs up

I thought I could do a review on it, but there were more than ten people and I had no time to take pictures of everyone's dishes.

Anyway, TheParents, TheEldestNephew and I went to Bayview to meet up with the other relatives.
Haven't seen TheCousins for quite a long time already.
Fyi, I've only six cousin brothers and two cousin sisters.
So, altogether, if I add in TheBrother, TheSister and me, TheMaternalFamily would have seven boys and four girls only.
Aunties ar, why all of you have only two children each ?!

One of my cousin sisters, Alicia, brought along her church friend, Alyssa.

Sat down and hang around in the room for awhile.
Took random pictures.

Meet Adrian.

View from the balcony.

Adrian, Alicia, Alyssa (Gosh, all of them share the same initial.) and I went down while waiting for our parents to get ready.
Adrian kept playing with the dSLR, 'cause he offered to hold the bag and the camera.
They are all older than me.
I'm the youngest girl in the family.
*flashes sweet innocent smile

Alicia & Alyssa

Alicia & Adrian (Siblings)

You know who. ;]
I ♥ dimples, but I've only got dimples without the S.
Bang wall
Adrian had dimples on both sides of his cheeks.

Part of TheWholeBigFamily

Everyone was ready, so we drove to Ferringhi Garden.
The scenery was totally breathe-taking when I went inside.

Angela & Patrick
Does he look like a little like Tom Cruise ?

Second Aunt and Uncle ♥
He's very funny.

Eldest cousin and eldest aunty ♥

Cousins ! ♥

They were from Penang.
They moved to KL around ten years back.

My Dish.

Alyssa's Dish.

Passed around the table for everyone to eat.

Both brothers who stay somewhere behind my house's area.

Grandfather ! ♥

Mafia wannabe.

Tom Cruise !

He was trying to follow me.
*sticks out tongue

I feel like eating cakes now.

See how motherly she is.

Bro gotta go somewhere and Mummy needs to go KL at night, so we took off earlier.
On the way down, there was a jam, so I took a few pictures of the scenery of Ferringhi Garden.

It was one of the best family reunion.
It would be better if we got to stay a night, but I had exams on Monday.
And I wanted to go St. Anne's Day when we reach mainland but I was too tired.

p/s : My hair's still long. :D I just put the short one in front. *coughslianncoughs
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