You'll Always Be My Baby
Two Words, NOT happy!

Dont worry.
I wont be cussing in this post.
Maybe a lil?
This post will not be fully the truth but it is true.
Don't understand then don't bother.

The puppy, yes, the one on my header, has been sold.
Boo Hoo!

Mum sold it to her friend.

No more puppy in the house anymore!

Another one would be, that girl is such a bitch.
Two-faced bitch!
Bad mouthed about me but was smiling and talking to me like we're friends.
WTF, Bitch!

Then, ..................

*screams lungs out*

Look below.

The number I chose! Guess whyyyyy. Heh

Please donate to meee.
It's empty now.
Who wants to be the lucky first?!

I didnt bother going round the school.
Everyone's doing the same.


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