Loving You Is Easy Cause You're Beautiful
Hello People from all around the world!

Mmm Hmmm.
Today was SPCA's food fair at the hawker center opposite Billion Kota Permai.

Jo, Vian, Stephenie & PSW said they wanna follow me.
But in the end only PSW went.

There were loads of doggies!

One man left his dog on the table I was sitting.
So, I played with it and took its picts!

I've got the same dog like this.
It's of the same colour and almost same breed, I think.
Its mum is a pure bred Shih-tzu (like mine) and the dad is a terrier (like mine too!)
The product that came out was the same.

Then, gbro promised he would come too.
& he was with us from 11 to 3.
He took my camera and took loads of stupid picts.
Then, I took his bracelet and took picts.
Aaron, I wanna show you this!

Like it?

Gbro kept poking and "Madam-ing" me.
Fyi, it's from Love Matters.

Yes, this is my beloved gbro and SeeWeiP.
He's sooo gonna slaughter me if he saw this editted pict.

There's something behind it.

I drank this & told gbro that I wanna get drunk.
So, I asked him when wanna go out.
He said today cant cause tomorrow got presentation.
So, I said next Sat.
He said okay. But another "he" is not letting me to get drunk.


That's all.

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