You're All That I Need
Wanted to update the blog past few days already but haven't got the mood.
Since Im feeling sinful now, then i blog lor.

Went to sch, Hip Hop in the morning && Got my Belated Birthday Present from my friends!
13 ppl && 1 big bear.

Thanks Babies!!
Ween fetch Vian, Jo && me to Berapit to eat chicken porridge!
& then to Jusco to buy Big Apple && eat BR.

Slept late the previous night, then woke up late.
Followed Dad to office then watched You're My Destiny.
Went home continue watch, SinWei smsed & said wanna come my house.
Sh came && gave me my Birthday Present.
Lovee youuuu soooooooooooo much!!!

She folded stars for meee!!! Thanks dear!

That's all for now.
Later dont know going Queens not.
Ive skipped dance class today because of THAT stupid girl!

p/s: Sis is sick && she's having finals! =[ Please go to Her Blog & wish her luck please. *pouts lips*
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