Do You Think I Can Jump Off A Parachute?
nothing but MY tshirt on

I've been watching You're My Destiny these few days.
At last, I watched finish already.

He damn cute!!!! *faints*

Anyways, I went school on Monday.
I was forced to! wtf.
Only Pinky, Jo-Ey && I went to sch.
This time it wasnt Hip Hop, it was some Traditional Malay dance. wtf.
After that, we get to cook!
Hell yeah! but guess what, my class & another class were to cook "Roti Telur" [bread soaked w/ egg & fry]. Sad right? Such a lame dish. The other three more classes got to bake cake.
I went out of class when everyone is finding their own group & went to the baking room.
I get to see them bake & eat. xD

Woke up at 11.
Onlined then follow Mum to Penang.
Mum's friend, Mr. Vincent took us to Sun Yat Sen's Memorial smth smth for lunch.
Not many people know about the restaurant in it.
Veryy reasonable price && simply delicious.
*kisses fingers*

Fetched my sister from the airport.
She's finally back! But she's starting work in a criminal law firm somewhere in Penang.
cant go out lerr. =[
Rushed to dance class at 6, then Sis fetched Jo-Ey home then we went to Jusco w/ Daddy too.
Ate at Nando's. *curses*
Three words, I HATE NANDO'S!
Bought a grey cardigan. =D

Thats all.
Going to work soon.
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