Love Not Enough.
In the morning went to SMK Jalan Damai w/ Vian, See Wei & Wendy for their food fair.
went to Raymond Lam's promo tour at Auto City last night.
He' so effin' cute!

Anyways, he didnt sing at all.
He had sorethroat. He went to Gleneagles to get injection wor.
Why wasnt i warded in Gleneagles?
Anyways, the thing suppose to start at 9.30 but Penang bridge jam so he reached only at 10.30.

kays, let's see pictures!
we weren't allowed to take his pics when getting his autograph but noone cared lah.

that's Vian's camera && hand.

that's HIM && DJ Simon from 988

the flower which helped attract the press!

these are the girls who bought him flowers.

from left to right :- Jia Huey; See Wei; Jo-Ey

Jo-Ey will definitely be on newspaper! woo hooo~! She's MYYYYYY friend!! xD
After that went to Haagen-Dazs ate ice-cream.
Joshua served us.
Went home w/ Vian after that. was so effin' tired. tearing the whole way home. wtf.

new && old album && a love shaped cardboard!
his new album && his beloved signature x333

Next, went to Jusco w/ Daddy today.
watched Eagle Eye.

Shia LaBeouf is so effin HOT!
I dont usually say that but hell yeah!

Then went in Jusco to buy bottles since mine is quite old jor.
damn cute lah weihhh, i meant those bottles.

seeee, the smaller one, it's animals! hippos, birds, rabbits &&& giraffes. xD

went to bath after that, bath finish, dried my hair && took pictures of bottles, autographed cd && myself!

the second one is uglier than the first one.

p/s: happy day! && get to go dance class next month! yeah! x3333
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