Yeah! FreeeeeeeeDOM!!!
Can i get a yee-haa?!
forgot where i got that phrase from already.

anyways, i dont know what i should blog about other than THE END of PMR.
It TOTALLY sucked!
Science paper 2 was tough & i know you people dont wanna know anyth about that, aite?
so imma shut!

been eating this everyday when i studying. pity sia.


then, after the last paper of PMR, Vian, Jo & I went to Queens w/ two old men excluding Kel Vin.
Old man number one owe me four Haagen Dazs mooncakes. Thanks! LOL! i don't think im gonna get them.

came home, then walked to Sin Ya to meet Yee Ween & gave her the camera.
after that, The Parents, granddad & I went to Perak for my Youth Exhange orientation in Sitiawan.

*pictures pictures pictures*
not many though.
one only.
didn't had the time to take picts lahh.
everyone was busy talking to their team leader & sorts.
i met loads of pretty people!
ive no idea why i look so effin weird. =__________="

Anyways, [From L to R] Patricia, me & Patricia's friend.

went crazy in Aunt's house. =P

came home on Sunday, followed Dad to Summit to get smth, then went to Aeon Jusco to have dinner.
saw YoongZ, Hui & their mum.

ate at Splendid, somewhere near S & J.
That's all for now lahh.

It was a great weekend, meeting so many people from Taiwan, Australia & Malaysia mostly.


p/s: couldnt update my blog till today due to internet connection. *grrrrrr*
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