iMy but you Don't. =[[

It was a bad day last night.
I felt really down.
Before that, I was fiinnee, later on I started feeling bad & sad.

Anyways, did nothing the whole day yesterday.
Chatted w/ *coughs* the previous night till quite late && woke up about 11 the next day.
Was happy but made Carmen angry after that. Sorry yah, Carmen. I really couldnt lah. Will tell you something next time.

At night, Mum's friend came to the house && Mum talked non-stop.
Mum's friend's child kept coming in my room.
After that, Aaron said he wanted to play games w/ me.
We played Bejeweled [i won], Sudoku [he won. GRRRR!] && Poker [i won thrice over three times we played. xD].

At night chatted w/ *coughs* && started to feel sad, like what i said above.
Kept finding for horoscopes && stuff like that. Even found there's stuff like Lesbianscopes, Gayscopes, Mumscopes etc.

That's all.
Bye peeps.

p/s: scheduled post. Did it at 3.55 a.m. =((
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