It's somewhere only we know.
a smile that makes the whole world a better place.


Woke up at 11.50 this morning.
Plurk till 1 smth then bath.
Continue online && watch The Legend of The Demi-gods.
Linda Chung has such small mouth.
Played Skype w/ Vian && Maine.
Halfway my internet connection started bitching so i off the laptop.

Mum reached home && asked whether wanna follow Dad & her to Pasar Malam.
Told her the only night market today is right behind our house.
Guess what she said. "HAH? Our house behind got one ah?"
FYI, my parents stayed that area more than 15 years already lehh.

Bought loads of fruits & dvds.
Wei Ke sms-ed && he said he was there too.
He saw my Dad & said,"waah, ni de ba na me gao de. xia si ren."
[Translation : Waah, your dad is so tall. Frighten people nia.]
My Dad's 5 feet 11. Do your maths.

Reached home && straight away did my fruit salad.

a mix of seedless grapes, persimmon && orange! *yumyum*

wanted to add green apple but i think i would be too full after eating so many fruits at once.
So, that's that.
Currently watching 4bia. Sien niaa.

You know you love me.
Hanaaaa, I know i kaypo follow GG lahh.
I hunger for it maah.
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