Surprise Birthday Party
Don't worry, it's cries of joy.

Went to eat before tuition class as usual.
This time at Paco. It's a bakery and cafe.
Jo fetched me and StephK there.
Went up the bakery's second floor and sat beside Carmen.

out of a sudden,
*someone singing Happy Birthday song*
That fella is none other than ViVianC!!!

I was so effin' surprised and touched! SERIOUSLY!!
Cause VianC don't go to the same tuition like us, so it meant she came just to celebrate my birthday.
*tears rolling down*
She was singing and bringing up the cake from no where behind me. I sort of freaked out. =]
The cake is veryy special. wanna see??

A mix of everything, and it cost about 50-ish bucks!

Then PinkyT took my pictures. *wtf*

yeah, i look extremely weird! =[
Those who were there were ViVianC, YiJoT, PinkyT, CarmenC, GaikNeeL, IongChenT, AliceT, WeiChiC, PeiChenL and StephenK.
I just wanna thank you guys especially The Besties aka Vian, Jo and Pinky!
Love you guys sooo extremely much!
*kisses and hugs*

After all of them went to tuition center, left the three besties and me, i asked them to come near me but they were like so afraid that im gonna slaughter them. *wtf*
Then, I just hugged them and tears came.
=D I was really really touched by their plans.
I really love you guys!!

That's all for today.
It's almost 12, so im gonna sit by the phone now. xD

Will blog about what happened in tuition next time. smth really funny happened!
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