Laugh All You Want!

Today, The Bro fetched me to school cause I was just too lazy to get my lazy ass up from the bed.
Reached school just in the nick of time, almost got punished.

We received loads of papers from loads of schools for every subjects from teacher.
My file is so bloated and i had to carry w/ my lovely bare hands. xD
Kept trying to remember the lyrics and tune of Lucky by JasonMraz & Colbie Caillat in class.
and guess wtf happened in class?
That rich and a lil crazy-in-the-head PinkyTanJunInn took her black, expensive Exam Grade eraser and made it into small pieces.
Then, she threw one by one into people's mouth and into my shirt!
*takes parang and chase her around class*

Btw, Mum fetched me today w/out me needing to call her!
Let me tell you why i NEED to blog about this when you think there's nth special.
This whole Muslim-Fasting-Period, schools are allowed to go back earlier than usual right?
&& I didnt want to sit bus cause bus come the usual time, so I asked Mum to fetch me back everyday.
&& guess what? She's been forgetting to fetch me almost every single day. About 4 days out of 5 days, i need to call her.
When she reached, it would almost reach the time when my bus comes.

Anyways, today is 23rd of Setember.
Tomorrow is 24th of September.
Guess what day is that!

hint: Someone's birthday!!!! 2409 2409 2409.

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