Library Date

Didn't blog about my previous Sunday.
Jo, Pinky and me went to the Seberang Jaya Library.
AemusQ, KelVinA and YungJinT also went and sit the same table like us.
Pinky's boyf [LOL!] and his friends sat at the table behind us.
We laughed non- stop at Aemus's lame jokes the whole time and i think Pinky's boyfriend sorta got annoyed. =P

The girls were there from 9.30 to 3.30.
We walked to Sunway to get our brunchea [Brunch and Tea] at Winter Warmers.
Jo's godbro fetched the three of us home.
Mum told me we're gonna have dinner at Tao to celebrate my birthday.
[Note, my birthday xD]

Surprisingly, met Pinky at Auto City, she called to gossip smth then only we knew we were both in Auto City.
Went down to find her and went back up.
Had no appetite to eat cause was too hungry earlier.
Luckily, no gastrict. =D

Went home, plurked so my Karma won't drop AGAIN.
Then slept.

p/s: Can't wait for India!
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