My Gratitude to The Lovely Ones
Hell yeah! Im officially 15! Next year can get motor license already! Two more years get car license! wheeee~ xD

Thanks to everyone who wished me!
I totally appreciate them.
From Plurk, MSN, Friendster, my blog, phone calls and sms-es. =D
  • Su-QuinnL
  • Daddy and Mummy
  • YeeWeenC
  • ViVianC
  • YiJoT
  • PinkyT
  • SinWeiL
  • GaikNeeL
  • AliceT
  • WeiChiC
  • CarmenC
  • FionaY
  • WanYingT
  • YingHaoK
  • AaronN
  • KherJianK
  • AaronT
  • ChelseaK
  • AemusQ
  • KenjiL
  • JangHeng
  • EmoClown
  • YvetteT
  • WendyK
  • LianHanS
  • Melissa
  • HanPoC
  • LiAnnK
  • Colin
  • MunHinL
  • WeiYeeO
  • CatherineC
  • JunGengT
  • WeiKeL
  • JulietY
  • Janlyn
  • Farha
  • SachvinderK
  • JuliaK
  • YaoJieL
&& loads more but lazy to list down already. But i appreciate you guys alot!
but my brother and god brothers forgot. *wtf*
Some were unexpected, i told my sis no one wished me then, she passed her phone to her roomie to wish me. *wtf*
Thanks sis, it's sweet! *You owe me presssie!!*
I just wanna thank the besties for the surprise party!

Anyways, Thanks to those who posted about my birthday on their blog.

Hell no, i ain't naked! If it was, you guys wont be the first one to see. =P

His post damn long la, had to printscreen twice. xD

He said he's happy to have known me!!! wheee~ LOL!

Anyways, thanks to Lobhie for wishing me in her blog too! x333

*house bell ringing*
*maid shouting my name saying my friend came*
*went out and saw Ismahani*

She gave me a present, not she give, but it's JiaHueyC.
Thanks, babe!
I loved it!

Next one would be from my Godbro! Love you!

Where's others??!!

Dad's pressie is trip to India.
yeah! i'm officially going to India! *shakes head left to right like Bollywood actresses*
Thanks Daddy! Mwahs, currently the most expensive gift. LOL

That's all for my 15th Birthday this year, i guess.
Anyways, wanna wish Pyaari and JiaYeeT Happy 15th Birthday today!!
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