My Very Own Debit Card

Really long since I've blogged.
There's a post still in draft.
Photo editor is always down so, can't publish yet, TSK.

Anyway, I went to apply for my debit card with TheSister after school yesterday afternoon.

Yes, I'm super happy right now.
Yay ! *slashes ' My Very Own Debit Card ' in wishlist
Just one prob, every single debit going in and out of it is all on my own.
I think I should prolly set up a Donate-to-Szien's page in my blog, lol.

The I've-Got-You-Don't look, WAHAHAH. Kidding !

School's been a total bore after exams.
Results are.....*speechless
When I was about to get my papers back, I just hope I passed at least.
And till now, two of my worst subs just ngam ngam passed. -_-
SPM's next year already la girl ! Try to work harder ! :(
I'm always at Pinky's class playing UNO/ self-made poker/ Ludo.
School's boring w/o them. *pouts
They skipped sch today leaving only four of us out of fifteen in our gang.
Yes, "gang", lol.


DSLR lens is broken/ dislocated/ whatsoever.
I'm the one who's gonna need to fork out the money to repair it, zzz.
I'm only a SIXTEEN-year-old STUDENT with NO income !

Okay, done ranting/ boasting here, lol. *waves

And yeah, I HATE ulcers. T.T
Can't wait for Dr. Looi's appointment next Monday.
Stupid wires, pffft.
My tongue is going to have ulcers soon too. :(

p/s : Registered for belly-dancing classes. I'm going 'cause TheSister offered to pay, hehs and flat stomach, here I come ! *dances
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3 Responses
  1. CooolKidz Says:

    Stop posting pictures of you cause I just gonna miss you more T_T

    Anyways, belly dancing huh?
    Weird dance. HAHAHAAHA

  2. K~C Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. K~C Says:

    cooolkidz:belly dancing maybe seem weird 2 u....but is good

    ^^.gambateh yo^^