The Horror
Just a short update.
Haven't online for the past few days.

Anyway, gotten my braces yesterday.
It was totally okay at first.
It got f-ing-ly pain last night.
TheSister cooked porridge for me at 12 a.m.

W/out braces

W/ braces

I'm in pain right now.
Watery porridge has got be to be Love right now.
It's the only thing for me to eat.

Oh yah, it's RED !
Hee. :D :D


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5 Responses
  1. geez, ur teeth nice wad, why put braces. mine so ugly. tsk..
    anyway why are u blogging at this time? ponteng school eh?

  2. Irenelim Says:

    Don't worry, I am sure the pain will go away soon... and looking forward to brand new SWEET smiles! :)

  3. Aaron Says:

    Hmmm cannot see clearly!

    I need close up pic!

  4. Su- Szien Says:

    Andrea, PMR la sayang. Form Fours got three days of holidays ! ;D And and, my teeth got gaps one. Kia, go fix. LOL

    Irene, Thanks ! :D

    Aaron, LOL. That would be disgusting.

  5. CooolKidz Says:

    eh why I used that account?!

    Anyways, disgusting ar, I dont care XD