A Day in Penang with Loves
Jo, Pinky and Jo-Ey slept over my house after my birthday party.
We dug for food at two and slept at three.
(I've been repeating this sentence like everywhere, lol.)
We ate fried rice and Beryl's chocolate (thanks to the Amicizia for the chocolates as my birthday present.)

The next day, we woke up at ten and planned to have lunch with Mun Hou and Aaron at Look Yuen Restaurant but in the end, I went over to the island with TheSister, her friends and Aaron.

Before everyone went out and I was getting ready, TheFriends were playing Twister.

Went to Hotel Malaysia to fetch Gadafi and his friend.
Waited for quite awhile.
I was thirsty so TheBestie went to some 24/7 store opposite the hotel to get me something to drink.

I found a strand of white hair on his head.

Me : Eh ! You got white hair already !
Aaron : Hah ?! You're lying. Impossible. (He's totally in denial.)
Me : Zzz. Really got la ! I pull for you see !
Aaron : *stayed still
Me : So hard to pull one arr. *pulls

& TADA !

Went to Prangin Mall just to eat Tom Yam Noodles.
My fav.

Toto loves cam-whoring.

Yi Ling and Toto


There was a guy sitting opposite us and Toto kept stalking him.
She's very funny and fun to mix with.
She does loads of unimaginable stuff.

Toto's stalk victim

Walked around Prangin then went back to mainland.
Took the ferry.

Took while queuing up to drive in the ferry

Went out of Aaron's car and walked to TheSister's car and took pictures.

TheSister and Yi Ling

TheBestie !


Went to Khun Tai for dinner.
Till the next post !
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  1. CooolKidz Says:

    Why ONLY the bestie oneeeeee?
    Should be TheBoyf/TheBestie!