Birthday @ Wey Sern Cafe
Like I said, in the post before, I celebrated TheSister's birthday after celebrating for Vian.
I told Daddy that I wanted to try out Wey Sern Cafe.

A little intro about this cafe.
This cafe is owned by two sisters (Heng King Wey and Heng King Sern), and they are very very smart.
Seriously smart as in getting straight A's in school since young.
(They were from my school, lol.)
King Wey got her capital by convincing her father to use up the money saved up for her medical studies overseas.

“I wanted to help people, my friends. God has given me a lot of opportunities in life, now I want to create opportunities for others as well,” she said. This was evident from the education fund initiated by the restaurant in aid of young people with financial difficulties to further their studies. A large portion of Weysern’s profit in the first month went into the fund, which in turn provided financial aid to a friend who wanted to further her studies.

Got this quote from The Star's R.age article.

Anyway, Dad decided to order steamboat.
It was good.
*thumbs up
The seafood were fresh.

King Wey

TheSister ♥

They have a really big mirror at the toilet.
So tempting.
Hahah !

Info :-
Wey Sern Cafe

Specialises in Fresh Seafood including Crabs, NZ Mussel, Pomfret, Fresh King Prawn, Fresh Hydroponic Vegetables and assorted mushroom. Soup base: Tom Yam and Clear Mushroom soup. Menu: Ala Carte or set order.
Business Hour: 5.00pm - 10.30pm (Everyday).
Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam and Prawn, 7.30am - 10.00pm

No 1, Jalan Bukit Tambun, Taman Tambun Indah, , Seberang Perai
Phone: 04-5682988

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