I can't loved you ; I can only love you


This is not her blogging, but him.

She’s at Langkawi right now and today is her official 16th birthday. Curse my classes during Raya holiday by the way. PFFT

Anyways, I’m very ecstatic for her having a blazing party last Sunday. It was jovial and affecting. Thanks to those people who came :) However, today is her official birthday so c’mon peeps, go wish her now! Text her! Call her! Go goooooo XD

Well, a little confession here, I suck at coming up with birthday wishes, so I guess I just speak out my heart here.

It’s amazing how things advanced, we started out as online friends exchanging tags at cbox. Coquettish and playfulness comments followed at Friendster and the next thing we know, we became best friends. We shared everything, dark nor bright moments. It’s wonderful to have someone like her. It really does. I’m blessed, I thank God for that.

** February 22nd 2009, the turning point of my life. It was the day we progressed further than just besties. Love **

I’m not good in expressing myself, the funny thing is, I have loads to evince , just I’m not good at letting it out. So baby, forgive me in some stuff I did and most importantly my sensitivity. I am pushy at times, plus I’m confuse with how girls think or what they want sometimes. Nevertheless, I always do what feels right, and I care. Very much. Don't ever give up on me okay? I love you Lim Su-Szien.

Happy 16th Birthday <33

If you let me, I'll love you unconditionally till the very last second of our lives.
That's my official promise to you :]



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2 Responses
  1. Bernard Says:

    Aaron, you are so sweet. If I were Su-Szien, I won't have any doubts in your love. Too bad I'm not. LOL. Anyway, wish you all the best and also Su-Szien. May your love last forever. Don't forget me when you guys belanja minum. ^^ Take good care of my long lost sista. =P

  2. JuNinN Says:

    OMG. TOO MUCH! lollollol