You Dont Know Me
Updating CobWebbed Blog as usual.
I think this post will have loads of dogs' pictures.

first attempt! *failed kao kao*

second attempt! *failed even worse*

third attempt! good enough kuaa. Anyways, rm600! wtf

That was first prize. Cute?

&& Saturday went to Vian's house & Ween fetched Vian, Jo-Ey, Phang See Wei & me to Queens.
Wanted to watch Madagascar but no more tickets.
Then we skated till i fell once & that ONE fall made me bled to death.
Now my knee got bruises && cuts.
oh myyy. wtf

Then, we went to McD to get a bite.
Iong Chen, Carmen they all reached Queens after that.
They went to get our ORANGE t-shirt.

Carmen's carrying 11 of our goodie bags. LOL!

Went to Goldcoast, bath, played Chor Dai Di &&& disturb that hiao po talk to her 10 or so boyf[s].
Got disturbed by 3 fella's alarms. SHEEESH!
PSeeWei's at 3 then Vian's at 3.30 && Jo-Ey's at 4.

11 of us went to bath then ate bread w/ tuna or jam && drank milk or orange juice that we bought from Jusco last night.
Went to register then we ran at 6.30.
The effing organizer said that we have to reach in 2 hours' time to get our cert but in the end the runners who were one hour late also get lahhhhh!!!!
I managed to reach 7 minutes earlier! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

11 of us walking to the registration counter & starting point

View of Penang bridge.

View of runners && Penang bridge.

We walked back to Goldcoast to bath && planned to walk back to Queens for lunch at Dragon-I.

Came back from the run && all of us looked like alive corpse.

Walked back to Queens & had lunch.
Then wanted to watch Madagascar again, but but but... no tickets again.
banyak wtf.
Went Borders buy mag then saw a pink coloured shirt guy.

then went out from Borders && kai kai then bought orange juice for The Gorillas in GoldCoast.
&& guess what, I lied down for 5 minutes && i got a call from The Sis.

Sis ; Me
Yeah. Why?
We're at Queensbay already. Where are you?
*faints* Haaaaaa?! Yorhhhh. I'll go there AGAIN lahh.
Fast haa. Our movie is at 4.30
*looks at time* [It was already 3.55]

Everyone was so effin tired dee but Vian, Jo-Ey && PSeeWei still accompany me to Queens.
*love you so much!*
We rushed to Shanghai10 to meet my Dad & Sis, on the way, saw tio Hsien, HE DIDNT RECOGNIZE ME!! wtf
watched Quantum of Solace.
eff that movie kao kao.
Sien siiiii!
Guess what? I slept loads of time in that movie.
I dont even know what's the effing storyline.

My legs, feet or stomach muscles seriously hurt badly!
Cried ler. LOL!
Now much better dee. =P
Gotta go work tmr somemore.

Look down for the pictures of my knee after skating. Fell once onlyyy!!!!

&& now it's even worse. Its purple && green. && red too. wtf. Im colourful.
Face on the other hand, is greenish white now.
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