You Change Your Mind Like A Girl
You're Hot && You're Cold

Yeahh, Im going crazy.
I cant stretch, &&& now, I cant even limp!

teramat sakit sekali!
These words are only usable at this point of my situation so dont mind it.

Anyways, today's dog picture would be.......


look so sad huh? it was actually moving vigorously but when the phone's flashlight flashed, it would stop for me to take its picture. LOL!

&& the other day, a dog caught a green snake.
the owners were afraid that it would be poisonous.
The snake died dee when they brought it to show.

geli si. *pukes*

hmmm. then Mum came home today from overseas jor.
Went to Pasar Malam then fetched her.
She bought some bracelets made of gems, i think.
no idea actually.
Thanks, Mummy!

Dad kept on video calling Mum.
He's addicted to 3G && the proof is.. he even lend to his friend to talk to his wife.
beh tong sia.

I'm so effing sleepy now.
Gotta go bath then sleep.

p/s: Good Luck dear! && those who are having SPM tmr! *winks*

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