.....Nothing But Your T- Shirt On
There's Something Else Behind That Smile =[[

Today went to work.
My salary is for sure that amount already.
Have to work till 26th to get my salary.
9-2 && 4-8

Came back, bathed && onlined.
Chat w/ few people who didnt seem to read my personal message.
I dont mind lah.
I put also siok siok niaa.

Mr. S told me a joke just now & challenged me to post it up in my blog.

One day, Miss S wanted to change her brain. So, she went to a Brain Shop to get one.
When she saw the first brain, her reaction was,"WAHH, so expensive. 5 Million!"
That's because it's an Ang Moh's brain.
So, she didn't want & went to see the second brain.
It's only 3 million. Cheaper because it's Chinese brain.
Then she saw the last brain, her reaction was, "WAHHHH, 10 Billion!!!"
Guess whyy? Will tell you the answer next time. xD
You people guess first.

Next, Hsien's birthday is coming up.
His plan is eat in the afternoon && eat at night.
He drew that he's gonna be like that after his birthday.

First drawing

Second drawing

He loves drawing! See Vian's blog && you'll understand. LOL
Go His blog too~!

Stomach muscles damn pain, so seriously cant laugh nor sneeze. wtf. && "Best Friend" came to visit. Add more pain. SHEEEEESH!
Mummy going overseas tomorrow till 17th Nov. WHEEEE~

Mum's part of the office.
Most Left: Bro w/ medals & friends ; Center: Sis ; Most Right: Me!!

Guess whose this? Cute right?! Remember to guess!

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