If I Were A Boy Even Just For A Day

If I were a boyyyyyyy even just for a dayyyyyy.

*eggs throwing at me*

Today saw cute poodle!!!
The tummy damn biiiig!
Should be got worms kuaa. wtf. LOL

dont know looking at what

it's sniffing the shampoo!!

It's just 2 months old.
OMG, so the veryyy cute. wth

Came home from work, onlined && watched HSM3 halfway then go work again.
Sis bought "ais kacang" && "lobak" for us to eat.

Went to De Spices for dinner again.
After that went to Dr Baskaran's house to get Rotary Club's flags, books && stuff.
Gone home, plurked & chat.

That's all for today.

Oh yaaaa, tomorrow Dad gonna be the judge for dog competition in Krico.
Im gonna follow. LOL
Then might go Sunway or Megamall for a movie.
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