Hush Hush
This look different also?

Ehhhhhhh, I watched Madagascar dee!!!

Went Queens on Sat w/ The Sis, Vian && Jo-Ey.
The Sis fetched all of us cause she's the only one w/ license here.

The main purpose I said I wanna go was because Calvin asked to.
Now blame on him pulak.
He came all the way to Penang from Kay-Elle mahh.
Of course have to go meet him right? Never seen each other for two years dee.

Ate lunch at Sakae.
Calvin chia-ed, THANKS!
Maine && Shaun came to find Vian to get money.

6 of us went to watch Madagascar.
aaron, Vian, Jo-Ey, The Sis, Me && Calvin. We sat in THAT order.
Sis kept throwing popcorn at Vian && Jo-Ey.
Seriously crazy those ppl.

To Some People ;

*coughs*you are one in a million*coughs*

&&&&& I had a couple of tears when Marty told Gloria that it's worthwhile that he sacrifices so she could get water.

After that, went to Borders- Starbucks to get my Caramel Frap!
Thanks sayang!

Then went to Skin Food to buy my lip balm for India.
It's gonna be dry && cold there.
Dont wanna get chapped lips there.
Walked to the fish spa up there.
The fishes were the Tilapia kind. Not the Dr Fish one, so didnt go lor.

&& I bought a "A little black dress Book" in Popular.
Aaron naik miang after seeing the title [The Art of French Kissing]

Went home after awhile.
Fetched Calvin back to Gurney there.
He's staying in G Hotel.
The Sis, Vian, Jo-Ey && I went Chicago Ribs @ Auto City for dinner.
&& the end of my Saturday!

Went Gurney the next day.
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