Random Post
It's Saturday, there's school replacement for no idea what day but I obediently didn't go to school.
My tuition teacher called the Convent and JD kids to ponteng school and go tuition. xD
Teacher teached then gave us our username and password for his website. HAHAHAHA. Modern right?

*clicks MSN coversation box*
*clicks Blogger toolbar*
*saw MSN blinking and clicks again*

Too much distractions.
There's Plurk and MSN.
How to blog finish?

Let's continue. Dont wanna choi people for a moment liao.
Actually there's nothing to blog also la.
Just wanna wish those September Babies Happy Belated Birthday, Happy Birthday and Happy Advanced Birthday!

hmmm, handphone can't charge.
Dont tell me this charger is going to be the third exploded charger?

laptop no battery liao.
gotta post this now!

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