OMG! When i log in my blogger, it is sooooo effin' heart breaking.
my 178 posts turned into an effin' one post!

Retarded Asshole,

You have no effin' idea how much effort i had to use to make this blog!
oh yeah, sorry, my bad, of course you didn't know.
You're retarded!

You hate me? You don't hate me? You just wanna make people hate you?
I do not effin give a damn, you bitch!
If you so like to fuck around, why don't you fuck your own bitchy mother?!!?
I have no idea why there's people so retarded like you???!!!
Even the disabled are million times cleverer than you! You're such an effin' bird brain!

If you so want people to hate you, congrats! You had already made the whole world hates you! So, you can stop your indecent, absurd, moronic behaviour?!
or you could even face all of us right in our faces!!
Oh yeah, I totally forgot! You don't have any balls!


You've no idea what I'm capable at doing. You'll regret as far as I'm concern, so be it!
Ironic, Dickless Retard!

Fuck You, for all i care.
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