Vi Vian's Birthday : Part One
On 15th of August, a Saturday that is, we had school.

Anyway, that's not the main point.
Pinky, Yi Jo, Aaron, Alice, Jia Wei and Phang See Wei came over to my house to bake Vian's birthday cake.
Sin Wei, Chelsea and Stephenie came after tuition.
See ! Such good friends, righhhhht ?!

Jia Wei's being shy, lol.

My Photographer. ♥

We took turns to squeeze the lemons.

Yi Jo enjoying the moment, LOL.

Our masterpiece ! ♥

It's Lemon Butter Cake, btw.

One by one went back then I went out with Daddy for dinner at De Spices.

Tuned in for Part Two.

p/s : The cake is mostly baked by Aaron and Jia Wei, lol.
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  1. CooolKidz Says:

    We are great friends, aren't we?