I bought two of those.
Hmm. Daddy actually.
One for house deco and one for me.
But The Nephew took the deco one home already.
So...... left one for us nia.

Hmm. These are random. Took during exam week. Cannot concentrate so vain lor.

I was bored.
I sooooooooooooo LOVE this picture.
Maybe it's the colors huh.
*flashes big toothy smile

Most of you would know what is this lor.
"Durian thorns"
:D :D

Yesterday went to Penang Airport to pass aunt her car.
So, she can go back to my house before going back Perak.
Then, The Parents and I went to Burmah Road to drop by bro's shop.
Going to open a new shop.

Then, before that, we went to New World Park to eat ice kacang!
Heaven y'know!
These few weeks' weather is sooo f-ing hot.

Ben's having fun riding the horse.
♥ ♥

Then went Gurney.
Just walked around.
Aaron came.
We walked and hung out in Starbucks.
We kept talking.
Now that I think back, I wonder what we talked about.
After that, we went to meet the family at A&W.
I want onion rings!
Mummy wanted to go cold storage.
Sooooooo........ , he walked with the family.

I asked Jan for a date.
But she was busy.

Then dinner at NewBT.
Smth like that.
Aaron was with us also.

Oh ya! He asked Mummy for permission to attend his musical play.

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