Inti Penang's Musical Play
Hello ! ♥

Gonna blog about Last Thursday.
Yes! At last there's something to blog about.

Aaron came over to mainland after class just to fetch me over to the island.
Awwww, thanks Sayang.

Aaron is cutting the tattoo he wanted.

The next pictures are people getting beautiful!
Loud Smiley

You'll see the after effect at the end of the post
Giggle Smiley

Introducing..... Jay!
Greeting Smiley

Okayyy. Here goes the after effect of Aaron.
*closes eyes

Ta daaaaa !

Aaron & Tze Han

p/s : Note Aaron's lower lips and Tze Han's left eye


More Pictures of Behind The Scenes


The Props

The End of The Show
Everyone was getting high, posing for pictures and dancing
Happy Smiley

And last but not least, I got to meet Chia Yi at last. ♥
She's pretty.
Blowing Kisses Smiley

After the play, the cast and crew decided to have supper at Coffee Island.

I had so much fun that day.
Got to meet so many new friendly people.
Samantha, QP, Boon Pik, Wan Yin *coughs, Julia and loads more.
Sly Grinning Smiley

My rubik cube is currently............ *points below ..... colourful

This is the furthest I could get.
*points below

Double LOL!

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