Friends Are Foes & Foes Are Friends
Im so sorry for whatever happened between us.
I know it's definitely partially my fault.
I have a feeling we've, or maybe I have been the one that's too harsh on you.
Maybe cause I heard what people said about you talking bad about me.
I didnt even look at myself in the mirror.
& I just said everything that was on my mind.
Im sorry about all the things I've said about you.
But there are times you did make me angry.
We are just humans.
We do these so often that we dont even realize that we're being so stupid and childish.
Or maybe Im only the one.

Anyways, Im truly sorry.
& yeah, you've been the friend when I need help whenever or whatsoever.
You've been there.

You know who you are, Im sorry kay.
Thanks for confronting.

p/s: Do not ask what this post is all about. It's not your business. I'll tell you if I want to.
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